The Natural Language Processing Lab

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Welcome to The NLP Lab Pages

The Natural Language Processing Lab (NLP-Lab) has a simple motto:

You cannot train yourself a car. You cannot machine-learn a tire for it. You have to engineer it.

We do train models, but we actually build and engineer systems. If we know something about language in general or a language in particular, we enjoy using this knowledge in engineering of NLP and AI technologies.

The NLP Lab is located at Indiana University. We use Slack for communication and we meet 3 times a week on campus at IU Bloomington. The current meeting location is Ballantine Hall 844.

Here is our Event Calendar with all meeting times.


During the Spring 2020 semester we will focus on:

We are organizing special meetings to refresh our knowledge of Lisp and Prolog, in particular related to computational semantics and pragmatics, and probabilistic logic. See here


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