The Natural Language Processing Lab

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Welcome to The NLP Lab Pages

The Natural Language Processing Lab (NLP-Lab) is focused on theoretical and hands on implementations of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI solutions using hybrid approaches, empiricist, neural, probabilistic, and knowledge driven. We are also strongly interested in Quantum NLP and Machine Learning (ML) solutions.

The NLP Lab is located at Indiana University at Bloomington. We meet a couple of times a week on campus. The current meeting location is Ballantine Hall 5th floor. See the map link below.


During the 2020 semester the focus is on:

I am organizing special meetings to refresh our knowledge of Lisp and Prolog for logic computation and reasoning, in particular related to computational semantics and pragmatics, and probabilistic logic, integrating Semantic Web and Knowledge Graph technologies. See here


Former Team Members

Here is our Event Calendar with all meeting times.